Case Studies

Energy efficiency projects deliver great returns


  • Larger sites with 24/7 operations, BMS and AHU systems
  • Differential age and condition of sites and control technologies


From initial trials during the summer of 2006 Evolve has been rolling out across the entire Tesco estate. Delivered savings are from 12 to 20% across the Express estate and over 30% on lighting schemes in the larger Extra stores.

Energy efficiency projects deliver great returns, generally around 2 years or less depending on what tariff you’re on so Tesco sees it as common sense business. Added to that it’s great for the environment – we’ll make significant cuts to carbon output by simple measures with energy efficiency so it’s great for businesses and great for the environment. Evolve has done a great job for Tescos. They were able to hit up to 50 stores per week with simple measures that work and are effective and these measures are also sustainable for the long term. So we go into small stores especially, make a step change in energy, and sustain that step change going forward so they’ve done a great job for Tescos.

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